Top 7 reasons why studying at Conestoga college benefits your future?

Conestoga College- Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is a public college located in Kitchener & Ontario in Canada, established in the year 1967. Conestoga attends approximately 23,000 registered students through campuses and training centers in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, Ingersoll and Brantford with an enrolment of about 11,000 full-time students, 30,000 part-time students, and 3,300 apprenticeship students.
Conestoga has programmes of different durations such as, one, two, three, or four-year programs. They serve apprenticeship training programs. They also provide many options to students including four-year degrees in Mechanical Systems Engineering, Integrated Telecommunications and Computer Technology, Architecture, Health Informatics or the International Business Management degrees.
They also have several agreements with many universities like the universities in Ontario including Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Windsor, and McMaster University, as well as several other Canadian and international institutions. It provides different type of courses for its students such as a variety of diploma programs, degree programs, and other academic programs taught by highly educated professors and industrial experts.

Many students who wish to do their higher education abroad will have a number of questions in their minds because this decision that they take will make a big turn in the student’s entire life. Now, let’s talk about, why choosing a college like Conestoga will get you to your “dream study destination”?


So, let’s go through them one by one.


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  1. Career-focused programs:
    Conestoga delivers more than 200 career-focused programs in a variety of courses and offers more than 15 degrees including Ontario’s only college-based accredited engineering degrees. Conestoga College offers programs that are designed to prepare students for specific careers, making them job-ready upon graduation. This allows the student to be ready for specific jobs with a professional touch.
    Remember, skill comes first and Conestoga provides you the best skill-based knowledge during your studies.Some full time programs are listed below:-

    • 3D Computer Animation
    • Administrative Business Management.
    • Advanced Building Systems
    • Advanced CNC Manufacturing.
    • Advanced police studies.
    • Agri-business Management.
    • Applied Energy Management.
    • Business Analytics.
    • Clinical Research.
    • Cloud Data Management.
  1. Strong industry connections:
    Conestoga College has strong connections with local and global businesses, providing students with opportunities for internships, Co-op options, placements, and job opportunities. They include automotive, aerospace, business and finance, information & communication technology, health, life science and more. Conestoga College has lots of agreements with many universities like Ontario universities including Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Windsor, and McMaster University, as well as several other Canadian and also many international institutions which make their role in the educational field more firm and strong.


  1. Modern facilities
    Some colleges are stuck in the past and don’t provide much support to the students with modern facilities. Conestoga College has laboratories, workshops, and libraries that provide students with the resources they need to succeed and gain knowledge in the committed field of study. The Facilities Management team of the college provides a safe, clean, healthy and well-maintained campus environment to their students for easy learning and entertainment during student life. Conestoga also ensures the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, places, process, and technology. Some facilities are listed below:-

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  • Fully-equipped modern labs
  • Wellness centers
  • State-of-the-art technological labs
  • Sports complex
  • Modern Libraries
  • Classrooms
  • Larger dining area
  • Auditorium
  • Student activity area
  1. Diverse student body
    Conestoga promotes a college community that draws attention to collaborative relationships based on understanding, acceptance & respect. They also make sure the engagement of all the students, faculties, and staff members in all the activities they organize by which the networking will always stay active. They provide students with greater opportunities to develop assistance and leadership skills while alluring with, and positively influencing their community. Some events and activities enhance the diversity.
    Look at what does the Conestoga arrange for its members and students:

    • — Welcome episode: New students are excited to join Student Engagement’s welcome events during the first month of term. They conduct different type of welcome events based on their culture and community that includes the Mature Student Welcome, Indigenous Student Welcome, 2SLGBTQ+ Welcome, and the African, Black, Caribbean (ABC) Student Welcome groups.
    • — Workshops for students: They build your knowledge of the foundations of diversity and practical tools as it creates a positive change by participating in interactive workshops on the topics of challenging discrimination, creating inclusion, and anti-oppression/anti-racism. The workshop will help the students to interact each other without any hesitations.
    • — Knowledge building episodes: Students can get associated with programming throughout the year with initiatives such as celebrating Diversity Week, Truth and acceptance and 16 Days of Activism.


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  1. Experienced faculty
    Teaching career is an excellent path to share knowledge for the society. Faculties play a pivotal role in enhancing academic excellence and gaining course-learning outcome by creating an effective learning environment through sound teaching practice.
    A faculty teaches as a part of the program’s team whilst develop and deliver curriculum using a different level of sensational and innovative teaching methodology. Conestoga College has many faculties of experienced professionals who bring real-world experience to the classroom. The classrooms get lively with their presence to lift your spirits. Studying the courses is one thing and learning it from an experienced tutor can enrich your brain with insights.
  1. Affordable education:
    Conestoga College offers affordable education when compared to other post-secondary institutions, making it accessible to a wider range of students. International studies not only open up the door to quality studies but also to real-world experience. You will get to face new challenges every day and be independent. Conestoga College charges a tuition fee depending on the course/subject area. The tuition fee for the Bachelor degree programs is around $15,726 – $17,156. The tuition fee for a diploma course is $13,998 – $21,491 and for a certificate program, is $5,497- $17,731.
  1. Supportive environment for international students:
    There are many reasons why Conestoga College is a good option for international students. The main reason is that the college provides a wide variety of programs and courses for them, so the students can find a program that matches their interests and needs. Additionally, Conestoga College has excellent facilities and resources. They provide students with everything they need to succeed in their studies. The college also has a strong and historical reputation for providing quality education, so students can be confident that they will receive a great experience if they choose to study at Conestoga College. Conestoga College provides students with a supportive environment, including academic and personal counseling, and student services. Finally, the college has a supportive and friendly environment, which makes it an ideal place for international students to study.